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The Great War (WWI)

An excellent, very comprehensive website on World War I, from the Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia.

Trenches on the Web: An Internet History of The Great War.  Also a comprehensive site.

The History of the British Army in the Great War (The Homepage of the 7th Royal Irish Rifles Re-enactors, GWA).

In The Trenches: The Soldier's Experience in World War I - from the soldier's perspective.
Includes a bibliography of WWI memoirs and diaries available on the web.  Includes The Great War in Numbers, and sorted casualty figures.

Military Plans and The First World War by Lyn Gorman.  Discusses how pre-war plans by each power contributed to the war.

Brief history of the war, from a Billy Bishop web site.

A timeline of the war, including pertinent events from the 19th century.

The amazing story of WWI Choctaw code-talkers.

Some pages on gas warfare: One from Trenches on the WebGermany's Use of Chemical Warfare, and Classification and Methods of Use of War Gases

Watson's WWI Fighter Page

Cross & Cockade International reseachs and publishes information on all aspects of the First World War in the air, 1914 - 1918.

An impressive-looking Gallipoli site.

Another Gallipoli site.

Hellfire Corner: Tom Morgan's Great War site.

My Grandpa was 120 miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia, when a munitions ship blew up in 1917.  He said the earth shook.  It was the biggest man-made explosion until the first atomic bomb detonation.  Here is are some links to the Halifax Explosion.

Peter's Great War Reenacting Page

The diary of  Robert Lindsay Mackay, OBE, MC, MB, CHB, MD, DPH, "giving an account of his day-to-day life with the 11th Batallion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders from 1915 until the end of the war."  Presented by his son.

Letters from the Great War

Life at Camp Funston: Reflections of Army Sergeant Charles L. Johnston.

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