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Want to learn about German armies of the 1400's? Landsknecht.com 

The Mary Rose was an English Warship which sank in 1545 and was raised in 1982. 

Period Fencing

 These are some of the sites I used in my research for a section on period fencing (in the White Wolf gaming supplement Sorcerer's Crusade Companion).  Olympic fencing resembles period fencing like Lazer Tag resembles a firefight.

William Wilson's intro to the Arte of Defense.

Alfred Hutton's Old Sword Play

Number of links for rapier, smallsword and related items.

The Historical Armed Combat Association of arms and armor enthusiasts and practitioners dedicated to exploring and reconstructing Western martial arts of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

Weapons of the Period

Here's a site on the Arquebus and the Matchlock, geared towards reenactors.