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Revolution Era

For purposes of this web page, this covers a pretty large swath of time -- from just before the Civil War back to at least the 1600's.  Page is seriously under construction.

The Almost Complete List of Muzzle Loading and Buckskinning Links

 Early Colonial

Spirits of the North Historical and Educational Society --A dedicated society of historical reenactors, focused on the people and events of the Mackinac  area  (where Lake Huron meets Lake Michigan) from 1600 to 1815.

Seven Years War

Also known as the French and Indian War (of course, as History Gone Mad points out, the French and Indians both lost. . .).

Digital History LTD presents a comprehensive guide to the French and Indian War.

Here is an article by George Bray about the practice of scalping during the period.

The Seven Years War Association  makes "information available of an historical and wargame nature . . . and to act as an unstructured wargame society promoting individual and group activities primarily germane to .  .  .the middle third of the 18th Century (1733 to 1766)."

Gorrell's Company (60th Regiment of Foote) is one of several reenactment groups.  This page has links to other reenactors.

Fox River Traders -- catalog for F&I War reenactors, mountain men and others living history folks of the period.


American Revolution

Christopher's History Index includes biographies, events leading up to war and battles.  It's designed to be useful to grade- and high-school classes.


Napoleonic Wars

Yahoo's links to the Napoleonic Wars.

War of 1812

Christopher's History Index  for 1812 features a short report on the gist of the war, and includes links to specific battles.  It's designed to be useful to grade- and high-school classes.

Track of the Wolf, Inc. "Muzzle loading guns, kits, parts, accoutrements, rendezvous gear & primitive Americana."

Mountain Men

Mountain Men and the Fur Trade: "to establish and maintain a permanent association for research into and study of the history, traditions, tools, mode of living, etc., of the trappers, explorers, and traders known as the Mountain Men."

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