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Reenactors and Research

Being a particular interest of mine, the Celts and their precursors get a page of their own.  Many of these sites are pertain to more modern aspects of these lands, but most still have something to do with the ancient peoples of these lands.

General Celtic 

Celtica, a site on Celts, emphasizing Wales.

The World of the Celts  explores the history and archaeology of the Ancient Britons, and tries to debunk many of the romantic myths of the Celts.

Society and Culture of the Celts by Kathryn L. Pierce

The History of Celts: a useful if graphic-intensive site discussing history, language, geography and culture of the Celtic peoples.

History of the Celts, from the website.

Encyclopedia of the Celts by Knud Mariboe

Celtic Mythology from Encyclopedia Mythica

Celtic Mythology from Gods, Heros, and Myths

Argante's Guide to Celtic Deities is a very nice site; it breaks the list down by country. Also includes heroes.

Megalithic Sites

An index of Megaliths

Stone Pages looks at stone circles, dolmens, cairns and hillforts, grouped by country.

Newgrange is an amazing passage tomb in western Ireland.  Check out these sites for more information: 
Ancient Sites
Sacred Places (includes a short video of the passage)


Countries and Peoples

Rook Family Heritage page, with numerous European nationalities and cultures (including Picts, Irish and Welsh). 


An general index of Early Irish History, and a site with both Irish maps and timelines.

Clannada na Gadelica, a Gaelic Traditionalist website, provides information on Gaelic culture and supports Gaelic communities outside Ireland.



Celtica, a site on Celts, emphasizing Wales.

Eisteddfod Webguide from BBC Online

Isle of Man

These pages for Isle of Man (and Isle of Man II) aren't overly useful for ancient history, but it's a start.

"These pages contain full text versions of various books and/or documents relating to the Isle of Man."

This site looks like a fine tourist site, but I had problems loading the history section tonight.

Center for Manx Studies, includes links to related sites.

Manx Reminiscences: Manx customs, folk lore, language and history.



Manx online language guide

Brittany website is more extensive than the Isle of Man site.


Reenactors and Research

BRIGANTIA is an historical re-enactment society dedicated to the pagan tribes of Southern Britain of the first century BC.

The Cantiaci are another living history group, dealing with pre-Roman Iron Age Kent.

Dalriada  exists to preserve and promote the culture, customs, language, mythology and folklore of the native Celtic peoples within the British Isles and Ireland.

CADW (Heritage Trust of Wales), National Trust of Scotland, English Heritage, Manx National Heritage, Ireland Heritage and the Irish Heritage Council are helpful for finding historical and prehistorical sites in the British Isles.

Gaelic Homepage, a web site devoted to the language and culture of the
Gaels, those people that speak or did speak any of the three Gaelic languages.

TriSpiral, a journal of all things Celtic.  Published by my wife and I for SCA and other early period enthusiasts.