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Erm, the links aren't prehistoric, 

the subject matter is.




Paleoanthropology Links and more Paleoanthropology Links 

Zooarchaeology Comparative Collection Databases -- From the Florida Museum of Natural History.


And while I learned it as "Neanderthal", I'm getting the impression that it's in vogue to drop the "h".

Who Were the Neandertals? is a good introduction to these ancient peoples, and includes more about the (still ongoing!) debate on the relationship between the Neanderthals and us.  From the Earth and Sky website.

The web-page of the museum at the site where Neandertals were discovered.

Neandertals: A Cyber Perspective is a good source for information on the folks we can't decide if we descended from (we all have relatives like that, I'm sure).

Were Neanderthals the Ancestors of Modern Humans?

Giving voice to the Neanderthal: Evidence on Neanderthal speech.