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No, I'm not talking about roulette or  card sharking.  I'm referring to Role-Playing Games, an increasingly popular and sometimes misunderstood hobby which has been around since the 1970's (or longer depending on your definition).

What is Gaming?  It combines the age-old art of storytelling.  It is a social activity where friends get together and use their imagination to weave stories and have fun.

What is it Gaming not?  It is not a cult.  Gamers are not satanists -- I know several devout Christians who game! 

I could say a lot about gaming, but other folks have said it better.  Check out these articles:

What is a Role-Playing Game? by Guy W. McLimore.  This is a good intro.

What is Role-Playing? includes a short glossary of gaming terms.

Questions and Answers about Gaming by the Game Manufacturers Association