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These are some links for the Champions game I'm playing in.  Mostly for my own benefit, which is why it's not prettied up.

Newcomer Campaign Page

Ars Technomagica

There are a number of related webpages by self-proclaimed technomages.  The main site is here

Related links from the above page are in Astral Connections.

Essays on "What is a True Technomage?"


Galen from Crusade was one of the original inspirations for my character. Here are some sites pertaining to Galen and the actor who plays him, Peter Woodward.

Tricks of the Trade

A simple lesson in Misdirection, valuable for stage magician and mage alike.


Brief History of Optics

Short Biography of Isaac Newton, and a somewhat longer account


The Sagan Society at UGA

The Society of Physics Students at UGA