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Here are just of the gaming-oriented sites I frequent.  There are thousands out there, I assure you.

RPGnet is a prime spot for gamers.  Game reviews, reference materials, industry news, art, and much more.

Ex Libris Nocturnis is a White Wolf-oriented site.  Besides a list of White Wolf's  Coming Attractions, there are interviews, surveys and other good stuff.

The RPG Index bills itself as the "most complete database of all published role playing games."

BJ Zanzibar's World of Darkness Page features unofficial additions to the World of Darkness, as well as links to hundreds of other sites.  Hasn't been updated for a while, though. NOTE: Last time I checked that link was dead.  I've found a "new" site a mirror-site. The site is under new management, with a note saying it will move again shortly.  So who knows.

"Victorian Gamer is a free e-zine devoted to the Victorian Era. Its purpose is to provide a variety of information on the culture, history, politics and technology of the Nineteenth Century."

Critical Miss: the magazine for dysfunctional roleplayers.

Just for fun, S. John's "Best of the Net"