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What is MOTiVE?   It is an Amateur Press Alliance (APA) dedicated to Role-Playing Games.  Basically, a bunch of people -- including librarians, computer programmers, novelists, and biologists -- submit a " 'zine", composed of original material about any topic (usually but not always pertaining to games and gaming).  A 'zine will have articles, home-made adventures, reviews of books, movies and gaming systems, and even short stories and poetry.  Most 'zines include comments about other people's 'zines.  Issues come out every other month.

For a sample of what can be found in the magazine, here are some articles from my own 'zine, Beneath the Autumn Moon.

Writing a convincing wilderness adventure poses problems for those unfamiliar with the setting.  This article is designed to give readers some basic ideas about how to design and run such an adventure.

From my very first MOTiVE, this article compares the limitations of game magic versus magic found in fiction.

How does one put together an adventure?  This article describes a Halloween adventure, how it was developed and run, and what the players thought about it.

Not all articles are directly related to gaming.  Here is a review and commentary of Into the Wild, Jon Krakaer's book about the life and death of Chris McCandless.

Werewolves with bagpipes in North Carolina: it's a setting for Werewolf: the Apocalypse.

My most ambitious MOTiVE project to date was the multi-issue Baltimore by Night for Vampire: the Masquerade.

Another big project is an unofficial rewrite of Changeling: The Dreaming by Dee McKinney, Wayne Peacock and myself, called the Changeling: the Celtic Cycle