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I have listed the majority of the Kindred of the Baltimore area, grouped by Clan. The format is modeled after the White Wolf standard. In spite of my best creative efforts, some stats are left blank. I may not know where somebody lives, or who their sire was. The "Influence" stat generally refers to influence in the mortal world. "Haven" generally refers to their primary haven – most vampires have alternate havens for visitors or bolt holes. Since I’m not that familiar with Baltimore’s neighborhoods, I had to settle for a description of the architectural style of the building for most of the Kindred. Remember that most Kindred have multiple havens; the listed haven is their primary residence.


A+ You know the secrets that would make the Prince's heart beat, like what the Malkavian Primogen keeps in his vault.

A You know the Prince's secrets, like what he keeps in his vault, and how he feels about Dominique. You can probably guess something about the Prince of Washington. You could probably damage reputations rather seriously with this kind of knowledge.

A- You know the skinny on the Primogen, and have dirt on most of the other Kindred. You know who likes whom, who's in and who's out. You know many details about the workings of the Order of the Crimson Lion. You know there are lupines in the city, and have heard about mages.

B+ You know something about nearly every Kindred in the city, and what the major players dabble in (hobbies, businesses, etc).

B You have a bit of knowledge that would surprise many Kindred, but they mostly deal with your clan or associates.

B- You know everybody in your clan pretty well. You know who is in the Order of the Crimson Lion. You know Baltimore is called "The City of Shadows," and why.

C+ The Sabbat are an ongoing threat, with periodic incursions into the city. You understand the authority the Order of the Crimson Lion carries.

C You know who the Harpies are, and can recognize most of your clan. You've heard of the Order of the Crimson Lion.

C- You know the names of the most active Kindred. You've been around enough to avoid the more obvious prestation pitfalls. Don't go playing power games, though.

D+ You know the Prince on sight, and possibly a couple elders. You know the locations of the major Elysiums and the restricted feeding areas. You've heard a few rumors about Sabbat activity.

D There are other Kindred, and they mentioned the Prince's name. You are reasonably certain where it's safe to feed.

D- You probably know there are other Kindred in town.

F You may know you are a vampire.




Sonja Strahl Primogen Anne Marie Vaughn
Mick Bowland Jeff Carpenter
Christian Fletcher Lori Rodriguez OCL
Jerome "Rooftop" Townsend OCL Chuck Waters OCL
Nikki Strands



Mark Roberts Primogen,

Ryan Hicks OCL

Katherine Austin

Danielle Brenner



Gretchen Verhoven Primogen

Nancy Poole.

Orlenda Romanova

Nicole Avery



Diane Whitlock Primogen

Jim Nimoy

Vincent Greer Angelica Weaver
Cynthia Barrett



Joseph Niven Primogen Phil Harris OCL
Bashford Carmichael Willy McDevitt
Eloise Clark Lowell Varnes



Veronica Pollock Primogen Betty Spratlin
Gordon Wilson Lawrence Andrews
Walter Spinella Jacquelyn Davis
Sheryl Morrison Sean Fry


Andrea Dean



Vicki Trasker Primogen

Miranda Dobson

Sid Bancroft



James Musgrave Prince Karel Hugo Primogen
Mortimer Cathcart Kathleen O'Donnell
Denys Leconte OCL Todd Matthews OCL
Benjamin Mace


Dorothy Birch




Sharon Misra OCL

Arthur Hollack

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