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About Goth and Gothic Horror


No, I'm not a Goth.  But Goths fit into Gothic Horror pretty well.  Some say  this was inadvertent; Goth was confused with Gothic until they became permanently joined at the hip.  Regardless of the veracity of that claim, the black lace-wearing,  pale skinning, angst-ridden Goths (to indulge the stereotype) are linked to Gothic. Cobwebs on Victorian decorations, crumbling, haunted castles, misty graveyards, and of course vampires  are in the vein of Gothic Horror.  Goths seem to get into all those things.  But I ramble.  If you want to know more, check out A Goth Primer.  For more depth, try A Study of  Gothic Culture: an Inside Look for Outsiders

The Media has connected Goth culture with teen violence, Satanism, and the usual things the Media heaps on scapegoats.  For a more accurate view of what Goths are and are not, try this site.

Want your crypt to look its gothic best?  Check out Gothic Martha Stewart.