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Haunted Links

Enter the Shadowlands Ghosts and hauntings.

More ghosts and hauntings in the Castle of Spirits.

Haunted Places Directory

The Ghostwatcher site. . . I'm not sure exactly what this is, having just glanced at it, but it appears to be a collection of reputed photographic spiritual evidence in somebody's house.

"Archive X is a collection of over 1600 stories devoted to Paranormal Phenomena."

Society for Paranormal Investigation, Research and Informational Training (SPIRIT) is an association of ghost hunters.  

"The Mysterious Britain Webring was created to bring together websites from all over the UK dedicated to ghost stories, myths, legends and folklore from the British Isles. "

Official website for the The Others, a short-lived show about a group of psychics and ghost hunters.  The site is nothing to automatic-write home about, but I liked the show.  I mined some of its links.

The Ghost of Brand Library.

City of the Silent: billed as the web's most extensive cemetery site.

Links to Cemetery photography, from the Gothic Tomb site.

Epitaph Browser