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Glass Hand Sept

Valley Smoke Pack (Totem: Fog)
The Valley Smoke Pack has been serving the Seven Clans Sept for nearly thirty years. Charlie is the last original member. Charlie and Nancy have been at a loss since a battle w/ a Leech killed two other packmates a couple of months ago.
Charlie Hicks (Truth-of-Morning) (Homid Uktena Philodox 4) Homid: 45, 5'10", medium-light but muscular build, Cherokee, series of pock scars on his chest, uktena glyph on right shoulderblade, handsome, with the ghost of a smile playing around his mouth; Lupus: Handsome gray wolf.
Personality: Serious demeanor with a quiet humor. Charlie is a planner who seems very intent on maintaining harmony in the sept.
Fetish: Peace Pipe
Nancy Dawes (Holds-Back-the-Shadows) (Homid Uktena Theurge 3) Homid: 37, 5'8", medium build, close-cropped hair, Cherokee cast. She has a deep scar on her abdomen, with a matching on her back (through-and-through); Lupus: Dark reddish-brown.
Personality: Loyal to a fault, eager to give of herself to help others.
Notes: Spirit Tracer
Ghostfire (Metis Shadow Lord Theurge 3) Homid: 40, 5'8", light build, completely hairless, pale skin. Slash across left cheek, deep scar across right arm, scar across abdomen; Lupus: Pale and hairless, with similar scars.
Personality: Enigmatic, cool, with a trace of bitterness. For all that, he seems quite loyal to the Garou and devoted to the caern.
Notes: Spirit Tracer
Red Creek Pack (Totem: Uktena)
The Red Creek Pack formed in 1995. The name comes from the assertion that "our blood will run like a river before we fail".
Tsali Watie (Firewalker)(Homid Uktena Ahroun 2) : Homid: 24, 5’11", shoulder-length black hair, medium, hard muscled frame. A few faint slashing scars lace his skin. In public, wears jeans, boots and denim shirt, but often wears buckskins at the caern. Projects an air of menace; Lupus: Reddish-black fur.
Personality: Tsali is respectful of elders, and scornful of Wyrmcomers until they earn is respect. Others he will bully just because he can. He's often brash.
Notes: Ardent student of the bow, both making and using.
Mary Oolutsa (Eyes-Across-the-Water) (Metis Uktena Theurge 2) : Homid: 21, 5’10", 5'7", light build, hair to shoulders, tends to dress fairly feminine (dresses rather than jeans, when practical), likes gold jewelry. A dark blue tattoo of an Uktena runs from her left knee, around her thigh, her side, around her back and over her right shoulder; the head perches a little above her heart; Lupus: Compact build, nearly black with a few reddish hairs. Crinos: Nearly black.
Personality: Mary likes looking good, both in appearance and in action. She's drawn to "where none have gone before;" she knows the area around the caern (and in the local Penumbra) better than anyone in the sept.
Notes: No sense of smell. When she was born her shamed parents threw her in the lake. She didn't sink, and they took that as a sign. She has a definite water affinity.
Fetish: Gnosis Bag
Reid Trotter (Wind-in-the-Spruce)(Lupus Uktena Galliard 1) Homid: 18, 5’5", wiry build, black hair to mid-back ; Lupus: Small wolf, dark gray.
Personality: Relishes the hunt like no one else. He is a little suspicious of "new ways" created by monkeys; the time-tested way of doing things is always best.
Bloody Tusk Pack (Totem: Boar)
Paul Turner (Homid Shadow Lord Ahroun 1) Homid: ; Lupus: .
Personality: Competitor/Survivor
Brynn Steinerson (Homid Get of Fenris Philodox 1) Homid: ; Lupus: .
Laughing Snow (Lupus Silver Fangs Ragabash 1) Homid: ; Lupus: .
Personality: Predator/Traditionalist
Mary Hicks
36, 5'5", Cherokee. Relatively pretty. Tends to dress conservatively.
Charlie’s wife and sister to a councilman.
Jack Sharp
45, 5'10", stocky, Cherokee, long black hair, thin. Wears ratty camouflage or carharts.
Sharp is Charlie’s wife’s cousin and a Vietnam Vet (special forces) who was never quite right after the war. He finally managed to get off the bottle, but prefers a solitary life in the hills. Charlie brought him to the caern, where he can fend for himself while still being near the family. He also serves as a security asset, setting booby traps outside the bawn and pulling guard duty at times.
Bill Riley
Late 30's, businesslike and distinguished-looking. Wears Barbour jackets and other high-end outdoors apparel. Though he speaks with a mountain accent, it's clear he is well educated whenever he opens his mouth. His jokes are drier than the Gobi. Husband to Celeste. He is among the most prosperous farmers in the county (with spirit aid, are you surprised?).
Jerome and Denise Preston
Both are in their 50's Jerome is Silvereye's half-brother (interesting, huh?). Denise is originally a Fianna Kinfolk who defied her family to marry Jerome. Both are prosperous and remain quite helpful to the sept despite the loss of Silvereye.
Nat Tanner
25, 5'8, slight build. Tangled red hair, hazel eyes.
Neither strong nor rich nor cunning, Nat seems out of place. He is very unusual for Kinfolk, Lydia told you, for he carries a bit of spirit energy within himself (he has Gnosis) and a number of other surprises. He seems a little spacey, often looking around like he's hearing things. He also says off the wall things; for instance, the first time he looked at the Silver Fang, he said, "God, your mother was gorgeous." When asked what he meant, he seemed to have no idea he had said anything. He frequently ignores people, although Lydia said "He looks through you in a friendly way."
Shade Dweller
Gray-brown coat, with frost creeping up her muzzle.
The only lupus Kin of the sept, she is the official mate of Silvereye (although he's had numerous unofficial liasons with human and wolf alike). Although aging, she is still proud and magnificent. Don't even think about petting her; you'll get a nasty bite for your efforts.
Rangy grayish coat.
Kinfolk but barren. Close to Ghostfire but unable to dominate Shade Dweller.


Several Corax, including one calling herself Auntie Alice, congregate at or near the caern to rest or gossip.