House Rules and Clarifications

(Glass Hand Chronicle)

These are some things that have come up in our games or previous ones.  If you have any questions or additions, email me.

Botches: For our games, 1s do not ordinarily subtract from successes.  However, if you roll more 1s than successes, you Botch and something unpleasant happens.

Damage: To keep things clear, Bashing is shown on the character sheet as "/", Lethal as "X" and Aggravated as "*" (that's an X with a horizontal line through it).  Soak rolls take no penalties from wounds, although homids can't  soak Aggravated while in breed form (I don't know why the book didn't apply that to lupus as well; may be a typo, will have to check).  I'm going to allow characters to soak Lethal in breed form.

Heavy Damage: Bashing damage that falls beyond Inc becomes Lethal damage (as well as unconsciousness, but retain current form).  Lethal beyond Inc becomes Agg damage (and reverts to Breed Form, so it can't be soaked if character is a homid).

Silver: Nasty.  Can't be soaked; unless the character is a homid or lupus in breed form, mere contact with silver causes one level of aggravated damage per turn.

Temporary vs. Permanent: The book isn't too clear, but I think it implies that Will, Gnosis and Rage rolls use Permanent ratings rather than Temporary (except when Temp Rage is higher, which is possible).  The makes less sense to me logically, but in most circumstances is better for the players.  I'm fine with it if you are.