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Here's a list of the top 100 music of the 20th century, as compiled by  National Public Radio

Laura's Midi Heaven includes those plinky syth ditties that show up on so many websites these days.  Includes folk, classical, ragtime, kids songs, state songs, etc.

An index of song lyrics called V.

Early Music

Harmonia -- Web site for the public radio program dedicated to music from the medieval to Renaissance to Baroque.

Early Music Network 

A site discussing Anglo Saxon music 

For Anglo Saxon music, check out this and Simon's AS music page.


More Recent

History in Song breaks music down by time period or event, from the American Revolution to the Vietnam war.

Early Music America -- the North American service organization for the field of
historical performance. 

History of American Music, from 1900 to WW II

Big Band Database

Celtic and Folk

Volkmusik! Here is a German website that features folk songs from around the world.

Tunes at Ceolas helps you track down lyrics to traditional songs.

Folk Music Home Page

Thistle and Shamrock, weekly Celtic music show from National Public Radio.

Introductory Celtic Music Albums & Celtic Collections 

Unofficial Steeleye Span site.

Yet Another Digital Tradition Page, featuring lyrics from traditional folk songs.

Pop Music from the 1980's

Bands and Songs of the 80's

New Wave Outpost

New Wave Outpost -- besides the usual top 40, this site includes lots of indie and underground songs.

New Wave Outpost, again -- I think it's the same guy as the one above, but don't know it the pages have the same info.

The modestly named Ultimate 80's Songs contains lyrics to nearly 500 songs.

Radish's Little Collection of 80s Lyrics.

Eclectic Batch of Music Links


Enya: Magic and Melody: general info, including lyrics and some Irish mythology.

Official Reprise Enya Page

Unofficial Enya Home Page

Clannad Home Page

Peter Gabriel

Discography site

Solsbury Hill -- a group of folks put together an informative page about things relating to PG.

Indigo Girls

They're okay now, but I really liked them when they played at the Uptown for $3 cover, back in the day; we would place bets on how many strings Amy would break in the course of a performance.  Click to find websites both official and unofficial.


The R.E.M. HQ and R.E.M Collector's Guide.

10,000 Maniacs

Amaze Me Now

A fine discography of 10K Maniacs as well as Merchant's solo career.  Includes lyrics, pictures, updates and more.


Liked their early stuff better.  Anyway, here is one of many sites dedicated to the band.

Here is a site with the monumental task of providing a complete, word-for-word transcript of every U2 concert they can find.

Kate Bush A little strange, but good.

Ultimate  Dead Can Dance page mellow-goth

Guadalcanal Diary Great band that played in Athens back in the 80's.

Link to Athens Music sites.