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Aldo Leopold is considered by many to be Father of Wildlife Management.  To the more hard core conservationists I know he is referred to as "Our Father Who Art In Heaven."  Regardless of your opinion of the latter title, the former is justified.  Though he wrote  Game Management in the early 1930's, it is still used as a textbook , offering a view of the wildlife field not found in many modern texts.  For all it's value to wildlife biologists, however, Game Management  is not Leopold's greatest claim to fame.  That honor goes to A Sand County Almanac.

A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There is a must-read for anyone involved in conservation.  It is the culmination of a lifetime of observation and rumination by an inquisitive spirit who loved nature and understood our place in nature better than most.  Sadly, it was to be his final word on the topic, since he died before it was published.

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In 1934 Leopold built a bow for a colleague, Herbert Stoddard, who is often called the Father of Quail Management.  Leopold's evocative style is not limited to his published works.  Here is the text of Leopold's Letter to Stoddard

Here is another mini-biography, written to commemorate his birthday (January 11, 1887)

The Aldo Leopold Foundation promotes "harmony between people and the land."   Besides advancing education, the foundation maintains archives of Leopold family letters, photographs and other materials.

The Sand County Foundation is a non-profit organization "established in 1965 to use conservation principles, education, and scientific research to promote sound management
practices on private and public lands. The ethical insights and ecological studies of conservationist Aldo Leopold are the basis of the Foundation's work. "

Leopold was one of the founders of the Wilderness Society.

The Transformation of Aldo Leopold By Amy McCoy.