Up Caern Sept Fiannalinks Faerie

Caern of Bridget's Blessing

Caern of Inspiration (Wisdom)

Level: 2

Totem: Dana

Benefits: Opening the caern provides additional dice for Expression, Instruction, Performance, and rolls involving the creative processes (this includes most arts, crafts, writing, etc). In addition, those spending time in the fields or forests of the caern during the "magic times" (the quarters of the day) find that inspiration comes more easily (-1 difficulty).

Spirits: Spirits most commonly found in the vicinity include ancestor spirits, faerie spirits or the brood of Stag or Dana.


The McGuinnis farm was falling into disrepair when Erin Kelly found it. Harold and Nettie McGuinnis (unknowing Kinfolk) had moved into a smaller house farther down the valley, and were trying to sell the farmstead, though it broke their hearts to do it Ė after all, how many generations had grown up there? When Ian and Erin came to look over the place, the owners were hopeful that these would be good people. They got on well with Ian, who played some Irish tunes and slipped Harold some enGlamoured whiskey. Everybody was quite surprised when the old man began thrashing and turning blue. He wasn't dying, but going through his Chrysalis! After a short while, he was more than a simple farmer, he was a troll of some renown. Well, with his eyes opened, and things explained to Nettie, they soon welcomed the sept with open arms. Within the month, the folks from Vancouver trooped across the continent to settle in their new home. Once this was done, Ian set to work on gathering a caern-building party.

Building the caern took three arduous days, and Fianna from all over came to take part. Several were on the hill, performing the powerful ritual, while Garou and Kinfolk defended against repeated and vigorous attacks by bane and Black Spiral Dancer. In the end, the Caern awoke, and was blessed by Gaia and the Totem spirit Dana.

The next year was a very busy one for the sept, recruiting member and searching out Wyrm taint in their new home. They also became acquainted with the local Fae. After a year had passed, the sept put together a tremendous Beltaine bash, and invited the Changelings to attend. They did, in their dozens, and for three days the valley was filled with song and laughter. At the height of the celebration, Ian and Count William of Sterling renewed the ancient oaths of friendship and protection between Fae and Fianna. At that moment, in a burst of light and wind, Dana herself appeared to the multitude, showing her approval. Since that day, the power of the caern has grown in strength.


Nestled in a valley in the mountains of North Carolina, the caernís activities are secluded from prying eyes, with plenty of forest for hunting. Itís an active farm, with a few sheep, cattle and horses on the pastures, and a garden near the house.


The outer boundary of the caern covers a little over 200 acres, and includes the valley from the McGuinnis home to a low ridge in the Harlow National Forest.

Caern's Heart

The heart of the caern is a sharply rising 50' grassy hill. Around the base of the hill are planted nine oaks. A path runs three times counterclockwise to the rocky summit. The rocky summit of the hill is site of many sacred ceremonies.


The farm comprises about 100 acres of pasture and field, and another 100 acres of woods, backed up against National Forest property. The large farmhouse is of Victorian vintage, renovated by the sept members. Ian and his family live here, along with most of the sept. Behind the house is a barn and a workshop where Johnny does his smithing.


Built shortly after the sept moved in, the bunkhouse is made of rough-cut stone much in the style of old buildings in rural Ireland, except that the roof is wood rather than thatch. There are bunks for a dozen, and floor space for several more. Besides quarters for students, the bunkhouse serves as crash space after moots and parties.

Warder's Hut

This small stone building is home for Brian MacCormac. He can often be found under the cedars with his carving tools, plying his trade.