Up Garou Kinfolk


Maire O'Dwyer—29, 5’10", very fair skin w/ freckles. Long, reddish-blonde hair, blue eyes. Ian’s longsuffering squeeze. She has two rambunctious children. Sings with Kith’n’Kin.

Andy Labelle-- 34, 5'11", short dirty-blonde hair, brown eyes, glasses. Andy, Nettie's nephew, used part of the barn as a carpentry shop before the sept moved in. Now he works out of his house down the valley, Building and repairing furniture.

Connie Delaney-- 30, 5'11", light build, shoulder-length red hair, green eyes. Connie opened a veterinarian practice shortly after the Garou moved to the county. She specializes in large animal practice, and is a frequent visitor to the Corrigan farm. The Garou help her by warning her about wyrm-tainted feeds and drugs.

Harold McGuinnis-- 65, 6’3", medium build, short white hair, craggy face, blue eyes. Because of money troubles, Harold was afraid he’d have to sell the land he’d farmed all his life. His first meeting with Ian Corrigan resulted in his Chrysalis, awakening his fae nature. Soon the old troll had to learn about the Fianna as well as his own people. Sworn to defend his friends, he provides an extra line of defense for the caern.

Nettie McGuinnis—60, 5’6", medium build, neat white hair, green eyes. She knew a little about the Garou before meeting the sept moved in, and never expected to meet werewolves again. Between visits from the Fianna and the local fae, there's alot of excitement and wonder in the house. Her expectation of quiet twilight years was premature, but she's not the least bit sorry.